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character info.
NAME. Shirou Asahi
SERIES. SMT: Devil Survivor 2.
AGE. 18, birthday unknown
APPEARANCE. Look how pretty he is~
STATUS. | CONFUSED. perfectly healthy, stellar in fact.
CLASS. Shadow Warlock
POSSESSIONS. 1 x SHARP AQUOS (Softbank 943SH) cellphone
Lvl 1. Simple Bracelet
QUESTS. April E2,
MENTAL INFO. Totally sane and in fact very calm and rational.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. I think you'll be the one falling for him, not the other way around. But A-OK too.
INJURE/KILL. Minor injuries are okay, major injuries and kills must be discussed with me first.

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Here will be Shirou's skill set in Holy Relic. Magic spells that have stronger variations will have their morph level indicated next to its name. All morphs are optional and up to Shirou, for example he can choose not to morph Fire Dance into Agidyne. Skills can only morph during a level up. As with the Devil Survivor game, it'll be three command skills, three passive skills and one auto skill. Hopefully my set up won't be too cheap. If it is, I can change them. The levels I list for each skill morph has been chosen according to my approximation of when the character usually obtains the right amount for the stat needed, assuming a magic-focused build. Skills are taken from the Devil Survivor 2 game, listed here.

Command Skills
(Shirou cannot use these skills in conjunction with his Shadow Warlock abilities.)

Agi (Lv 1) -> Maragi (Lv 13) -> Fire Dance (Lv 21) -> Agidyne (Lv 29) -> Maragidyne (Lv 38)
Bufu (Lv 1) -> Mabufu (Lv 13) -> Ice Dance (Lv 21) -> Bufudyne (Lv 29) -> Mabufudyne (Lv 38)
Zan (Lv 1) -> Mazan (Lv 13) -> Force Dance (Lv 21) -> Zandyne .(Lv 29) -> Mazandyne (Lv 38)

Passive Skills
(These can be used in conjunction with his Shadow Warlock abilities, but to a lesser degree than without.)

Grimoire (Lv 27)
Life Bonus (Lv 1) -> Life Surge (Lv 11) -> Life Stream (Lv 23)
Dodge (Lv 6)

Auto Skill
(A passive skill that activates automatically in battle. Can be used in conjunction with his Shadow Warlock abilities.)

Fortify (Lv 12)

The Devil Survivor status screen will be listed here to help me keep track of Shirou's abilities and make sure they make sense. Don't remember how .hack//GU works anymore so no GU status screen for now ;;

4Human52 12 5 655
Auto Skill DeSu2 Physical Icon.png Phys DeSu2 Fire Icon.png Fire DeSu2 Ice Icon.png Ice DeSu2 Elec Icon.png Elec DeSu2 Force Icon.png Force Curse DESU2.png Curse
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
Command Skills
AgiBufu Zan
Passive Skills
-- Life Bonus --




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NAME: Tenkomi
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CHARACTER NAME: Shirou Asahi (Protagonist)
SERIES: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
CANON POINT: End of Day 7, Daichi’s Route
APPEARANCE: Did I ever tell you blue is my favourite colour
DESIRED CLASS & REASONING: This one’s a bit difficult. Given the fact that this character here is a protagonist of an SMT game, and especially one of a Devil Survivor 2 game,
you are allowed to allocate your stats however way you like, making the protagonist a truly versatile character in terms of fighting ability. My general strategy is to make him a magic user who uses attacking spells and rarely buffs, debuffs or heals, so that is my main reason for giving him the class of Shadow Warlock.

PERSONALITY:Shirou’s personality is formed by the player’s choices, and
I'll be basing his personality off the choices I tended to choose for him in the game, if that is alright. Even then though, there are a few things that stand out from the dialogue choices you are given and can definitely be attributed to his overall personality.

First of all, he is confident. He is confident about his ability to fight, but is also very intuitive and a quick thinker. He knows when he can take on a battle, and when he should retreat (though, this being a video game, he obviously didn't retreat often). Sometimes his confidence goes as far as to make him sound arrogant, but he's got the skills to back up his boasts. It's also his confidence that keeps him calm and rational when everyone else is panicking, and allows him to ask the questions that need to be asked, or provide the answers if he knows them. Everyone around him looks to him as the leader due to these personality traits, with Yamato, leader of the organization he volunteered for, eventually viewing him in an extremely positive light. Said leader often praised him for being special, unique, having skills and abilities that put him far above the others. All of this can definitely be attributed to these traits of his personality not related to dialogue choices, which allowed him to excel in situations that even the toughest man would be scared of.

He also has a great sense of humour. In a fair amount of the dialogue choices given to him, he can choose to respond in a rather silly manner, such as "AWWWWWW YEAHHHHHHH" or "RAINBOWS!!!" as shown here. Even in serious situations, that kind of option can come up, sometimes earning him the ire of his friends. He is not adverse to poking fun at his friends, sometimes teasing his best friend Daichi about mishearing things, or even making a few perverted jokes. There's the occasional moment where his responses can be rather harsh, maybe even going too far. He really doesn't mean harm though, it's his form of helping the people around him, whether by changing the atmosphere to help his friends relax and focus, or by keeping the morale of the group up and afloat. This makes him easy to approach, so it's no wonder people tend to open themselves up to him. He tends to joke often, but he also knows when to be serious. It's this trait, plus his confidence and calmness that cause people to turn to him for guidance.

The part of him that relies most on dialogue choices are his views and perception of justice and fairness. In the Devil Survivor 2 game, two factions struggle with each other in an attempt to force their views of justice and fairness on each other. On Ronaldo's side, the resistance group fighting against JP'S, views of equality and community prevail. Essentially, it's a socialist point of view. On Yamato's side, the organization JP'S, the view of every man for himself prevails. Kind of like a capitalist idea. The strong and hard working will rise to conquer the weak, and they're the ones to get the benefits. Shirou is stuck in between, having to listen to both Ronaldo and Yamato, as well as his friends who have differing views on those ideas. It eventually accumulates to the player having to choose between, Ronaldo, Yamato, the neutral team, Daichi, and one other path, Alcor's. This version of the protagonist took Daichi's route. He did not agree with either Yamato or Ronaldo's extreme ideas, and decided that Daichi's idea, saving the world first and then thinking about those state of affairs, was a far better idea. If people were to ask him now what he thought about justice and fairness, his honest reply would be, "I don't know." Definitely, he sees the merits of both ideas, as well as disadvantages. But he can't bring himself to fully agree with one side, which is why he chose Daichi.

A few interesting things to note about Shirou: He likes to call people pervert. If you try hitting on him, or if the situation can be interpreted as perverted in the slightest bit, he will call you on it. It's part of his sense of humour, and he loves to tease people that fluster easily. He also apparently knows a bit of Spanish.


[Well, it wasn't everyday when you went to sleep in the JP'S headquarters and woke up in an area that was clearly not Japan (or at least what's left of it). Shirou sat up, taking the time to yawn and stretch his arms before getting up and looking around the area. The architecture was very unlike anything he'd seen in Japan before. It was more like something he'd see from a video game.

Speaking of video games, the people in the area were dressed like video game characters too, with armor and capes and what have you. Even he was, he realized belatedly, raising his hand to examine the glove covering it. After a thorough look over his new outfit (it was pretty snazzy and comfortable too), he decided to explore the town a little. Maybe he could find out where he was.]


It was 10pm, but Shirou wasn't sleepy. Not even with all the fighting he had to do, against Ronaldo, Yamato, and Benetnasch. It was hard to sleep when thoughts wouldn't stop bombarding your mind, after all. Tomorrow was the day. The day they'd meet Polaris to get him to rewind time, to set everything back to the way it was. Was that the right choice to make?

Shirou shuffled in his bed and decided to sit up. Maybe a little walk would help him clear his mind. Everyone was asleep by now, so he probably wouldn't meet anyone in the middle of his trip. He quietly slipped out of his room and began to slowly amble along the building's long hallways.

Daichi's idea was really only delaying the inevitable, but it was the best idea of all the ones presented to him. Ronaldo and Yamato's ideas were too extreme, despite both of their good intentions. Well, actually, Yamato's intentions were kind of questionable, but he probably meant well. He sighed. Having doubts now was a bad thing. Daichi's idea was great. They would turn back time, and change the world's path. That was their decision, and Shirou was going to stick to it. He would beat Polaris into submission if he had to to make it work, and that was that.

Satisfied with his resolution, Shirou turned back to head to his room, intent on getting a good night's sleep. You can't beat the universe's governor if you have sleep deprivation, after all!


Mar. 9th, 2012 11:08 am
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This is the Devil Survivor 2 protagonist, and his name is Shirou Asahi (first last)! I'm a little bit lame with names like that, ahahahaha...

Done Daichi's route! On second playthrough, but I killed Keita... ;_;


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